Monday, July 27, 2015

Sorry, but Pong is racist and sexist


Games have been less than welcoming to people of color since their inception. Pong is no exception. Who would have thought games were racist before #gamergate? A racist misogynist, that's who! A person blind to the hypocrisy of games.

Just think about this: everything important in Pong is white--pure white to be clear. The paddles, the ball (don't even get me started on how it's not round), the score, and even the dividing line. The background is black, exemplifying that people of color are meaningless background objects. This idea was being reinforced among the mostly white male demographic that were and still are the majority of gamers. That concept has been taken far beyond in covert ways today.

Pong was developed by cis white men. CIS. WHITE. MEN. The most despicable humans—no, subhumans. This is the main reason why we should band together to boycott (girlcott, blackcott, colorcott, etc.) so that the devs will go out of business and then bow down to ME!!! I mean us. Or never mind, they'll just be broke like they should be. This might be hindered by the fact that the game was released in 1972 (a VERY sexist time) and that it's free online and available on mini consoles and knock offs everywhere, but it's the thought that counts! FIRE THE TWITTER CANNONS!!! #banpong

If you haven't been triggered hard enough to be a twitter storm trooper, viewing this video will surely enrage you, as cis white men are having fun and not making out. Once again, the black/white dichotomy is used even in the very production of this video. The contrast of the white and black values symbolizes whites and blacks being at odds with each other. But I digress, just watch the damn video and feel your blood BOIL.

Now, let me get to how pong is sexist, anti-feminist, and anti-women (which is the same as anti-feminist). Have you seen the original controller? It has two square breasts with nipples that are the actual function pieces! It resembles a disembodied torso of our fellow fembotkins and is just a toy to be played with by cis white scum. If the patriarchy isn't so obvious now that you're tweeting digital intercontinental missiles at Atari from your smartphone, you can't call yourself a feminist; you're a parody of a feminist.
Most sexist game controller ever
Most sexist game controller ever

Pong can be fun, but the undertones, overtones, midtones, tertiary tones, etc. are just ruining the game for me and you. If we can band together, we could change the retro gaming industry for better and forever.

Stay fancy, comrades!